area bus transit notes and reports (archive) :

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as of June 28 2010 the county LOOP system routes have been changed as per the transportation plan of 2009

07/09/10 13:58 hrs. at Main and Market - I saw a mid LOOP (prison bus with new graphics) turn onto Market from Cannon Street - when it arrived at the shelter I saw a square sign on the side - the sign just had a single letter the letter A - it would seem the LOOP has finaly implemented the transportation plan of 2008,as noted above. I had asked the driver about the route change. He had told me the route change started about 2 weeks ago. I also asked him if he had a new schedule.He did not.I was transfering to the City Bus GALERIA to go to the mall.

03/26/10 14:40 hrs. at Arlington on Raymond Blvd. was waiting (and waiting) for the City Bus SHOPPERS SPECIAL route bus - at 14:48 hrs. I had realized the bus may not be coming {around this time of day when scools are open - this bus without prior notice to the public via notation in the schedule etc. that the bus would not be doing this run at this time IE: no bus - has been used as a school bus}
I walked to Main St. to get the 15:08 MAIN STREET route bus
MAIN STREET route veh. #283 George driving - did not note precise time but was late like around 14:15 hrs. - I had mentioned to the driver something about the SHOPPERS SPECIAL route bus - the driver told me this route had been canceled this day - the city did not have enough buses - the buses were out of service for state inspection - aparently due to the bru ha ha created when that LOOP school bus caught fire and destroyed and/or heavily damaged 6 other buses (see STUPID BUS TRICKS) several years ago, all public transit buses in the county have to be state inspected/certified

I also had noticed this vehicle has had the bicycle rack put back on

02/12/10 City bus GALERIA route veh.# 283 (hybrid) - there was a noticeable shimmy at highway speed on US rt. 9 going to the Galeria/Christmas Tree Shops
had bilingual signs to remain seated when bus is in motion - I also had noticed that the bike rack had been removed - the other City bus hybrids I had seen this day - #286,285 and 284 - all still had the bike racks.It should be noted that the NORTHSIDE route bus serves both the Walkway Over The Hudson state park and also the northern terminus of the Dutchess RT

02/04/10 I had seen a LOOP Army green prison bus on the east arterial - must have been going to the grarage (there is a lot of "dead-heading" on the LOOP - a lot of empty buses) then following just behind was another LOOP prison bus but this one had new graphics / paint scheme with new LOOP logo clearly identifying this bus as a DC LOOP bus.The old fashioned mechanical destination sign said LOOP 10 - but was on the east arterial.Of course it is the same school-bus-based prison bus that preceded it with the small third grader entry and steps - kind of like putting lipstick on a pig ...

02/03/10 City bus SHOPPERS SPECIAL route veh.# 281 - I had seen that there is an ad banner on the side of this vehicle.This is one of the City Bus "older" 2004 non-hybrid Gillig transit buses.This is the first time I have seen an advertising banner on the side of one of the older buses.

01/05/10 City MAIN STREET veh. #08-286 hybrid
had old "Ralph Kramden" era fare box - on Monday I had noted "old" non-hybrid veh. #282,with the old fare box, was being used for the MAIN STREET route - I had realized the new electronic fare boxes on the "new" buses have to be reset/re-programed for the new fare - the driver had told me were having problems re-programing the new electronic fare boxes for the new fare

12/22/09 the City GALERIA route bus now going to new replacement stores (Christmas Tree shops etc.) for the old SHM - stops in front of existing Shop Rite and the new entrance for the existing K Mart